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“The pen I pick up more than any other.”
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Jon on May 08, 2017

I love a good pen as much as the next guy, but let me tell you how awesome these are! With the perfect weight and balance of this pen I never want to put it down. I've used pens well into the $200+ range and none of them are on par with this one. I have always had trouble caring a pen on me whether the clip sucks, or it's too heavy or large, or it just isn't comfortable. None of these are issues with the Grafton Pen. It goes everywhere with me and is constantly used for taking notes, jotting down ideas, signing papers, or logging reps at the gym. It will write on just about anything and the balance helps when scribbling something down without a firm backer.
Just ordered a second one for my wife since she keeps trying to steal mine.


John H. on May 04, 2017

Wow. I never write online reviews, but I'll make an exception this time. I've been looking for a while now for a good pen body that will accept G2 fine-point cartridges, and the Grafton is the answer. I bought the black one first, and then knew I had to have the silver also for blue ink. Both are simply lovely to look at, and they feel great in the hand: fairly light, very well balanced, and with grooves on the lower part that give just the right amount of resistance to slippery fingers. The aluminum is finely milled, the threads perfectly exact. I applied a tiny amount of oil to the threads to eliminate any scraping feeling, and I often find myself opening and closing the pen barrel just to appreciate the perfectly smooth pairing of parts. Everything feels very solid, including the click mechanism. I haven't had either pen long enough to know how the finish will hold up, but they're absolutely beautiful for now, and the understated E on the clip adds a touch of quiet elegance to an otherwise simple design. Thank you, Everyman, for producing this aesthetically perfect and reasonably priced writing instrument! I hope it stays in production for a long, long time.


Noah on Apr 02, 2017

I love how this pen feels in the hand. In fact I like it so much I bought a second pen. I now have one at the office and one at home. I also have one of each color. Overall the pen feels great in the hand, its a simple minimalist design that I like and the materials feel great. The only minor things are the black come off the clip portion a little too easily. Obviously the silver version doesn't have this issue. The pen writes very well too. It's smooth and the ink that comes with it doesn't smear and dries quickly. You'll be happy you made the purchase.


Rory O'Keeffe on Mar 30, 2017

This pen is incredible. It has become my favourite despite previously swearing I was a fountain pen man.
The flow and ride are so smooth (and with Everyman's own refills) that it's an absolute joy to write or sketch with. The weight is perfect, and it has a solid, strong feeling.
I bring it with me everywhere, and it's my go-to whenever I have some notes to take or ideas to sketch.


David Cronk on Mar 30, 2017

I consider myself to be a pen aficionado. I purchase pens in various price ranges and sometimes a cheap pen will surprise you. I purchased this pen because I have big hands and I like a "solid" writing tool. I opened the package and pulled out the box the pen came in and was rather skeptical because the packaging felt really light.
Upon removing the pen I was impressed at how it felt in my hand. I handed it to my friend for her opinion and the words came out: "This feels really solid". I wrote with it and I really like the nice, fluid ink transfer to the paper. Overall, I enjoy it!! I may just buy the silver one to have a pair.


Garry Mumford on Mar 29, 2017

At last ... exactly what I have been looking for for years!
I have been a fan of liquid ink pens for years ... and have been generally fed up with the disposable ones. I wanted a proper quality product, nice to hold and use but still with all the plus points of the liquid ink pens I loved to use.
The Grafton Pen scores 10 out of 10 on all counts ... love it. Probably the best pen I have ever owned!


Michael on Mar 29, 2017

I have always carried a pen with me when I was given a Mont Blanc as a gift. Unfortunately, sometimes the get lost or "borrowed" or you can't find refills. And the search begins for new pen. I got my Grafton through Massdrop, and it is one of the best pens I have used and for way less than some of the others pens I have accumulated. The response you get when you let someone borrow it to sign something write a quick note when the look at the pen and say WOW! I gave a few of them as holiday gifts in the office and they have moved from the office "stick pens" and carry their own. G2 refills are good but the Fisher refill makes even better!


Jon on Apr 05, 2017

Absolutely the best Pilot G2 refill compatible pen. Perfect weight, perfect size, and it holds the refill tip snuggly (no wobble like that found on some other high end pens).
This is my go-to EDC pen now, and I never leave the house without it! Worth every penny, and I'll certainly be purchasing more in the future for myself and others.