Our Story

Hello, I’m Jim, the CEO and owner of Everyman.

I’ve almost always lived a mobile life. With my U.S. Airman father and Turkish mother, I grew up between worlds. Viewing life from different perspectives as a kid prepared me for thirty years of traveling internationally for work. I was able to collaborate with some fascinating people and fire up those out-of-the-box thinking skills learned in my childhood. What’s expected about travel if not the unexpected? 

In recent years, my thoughts turned more toward developing my own business. My kids are growing up way too fast (maybe you can relate?), and on top of spending more time with them, I wanted to creatively make a difference with everyday carry gear I could stand behind. 

That’s where the Everyman story begins – by offering hardworking and distinctive EDC and travel products to support you in all you do. Our products are first and foremost durable. We stand behind our products with a built-to-last guarantee. Also, Everyman products must be smart – offering great solutions to common hassles. And lastly, our products are refined, allowing you to carve your style from the pack. Durable, smart, and stylish. 

Our passion is crafting EDC and travel products to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  

Thanks for checking us out and learning a bit more about Everyman. 

P.S. Have an idea for a product you’d love to see at Everyman? Send me an e-mail – I want to hear from you!